Downtown Markham Art Competition

Thank you for supporting your favourite artists in the Downtown Markham Art Competition!

Olga Pankova poses with Chris Bratty of The Remington Group and Markham Mayor Frank ScarpittiCongratulations to our winner Olga Pankova, whose work "Perfectus" garnered the most votes in the Downtown Markham Art Contest. Ms. Pankova will have another opportunity to showcase her work in Downtown Markham in the future as the recipient of a $5,000 art commission.

More than 72,000 votes were cast during the month-long voting period with the result decided in the final days.

Ms. Pankova finished just ahead of runner-up Sean Andre Thomas. Third-place finisher Susan Qu, fourth-place finisher Frankie Ip and Rana Hassan rounded out the Top 5 vote-getters.

Thank you to all our talented artists!

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Here's a brief look at each of the participants, their finished murals and some of their thoughts about art, their work and the perfect city:

John Allen, Green Spaces at Downtown Markham

johnallen.jpg"Green Spaces", John Allen

"I feel I am truly in my element when tasked to create. I am in awe of traditional handcrafted beauty and have the highest respect for displays of the mind and hands, working in harmony, to produce breathtaking beauty and function in any form."

Monica Andrews, Markham's Evolving Presence

monicaandrews.jpg"Markham's Evolving Presence," Monica Andrews

"To me, the perfect city would incorporate and intertwine the arts into the town. I love going to a restaurant and having live music playing, just as much as I love seeing artworks in front of, or in, different places within the community."

Katie Argyle, Are We There Yet?

ARGYLEportrait.jpg"Are We There Yet?", Katie Argyle

"I am constantly amazed and surprised by the variety of things that can be found in a city, whether these are activities, groups, things you can buy, wildlife or oases of nature. To me the perfect city gives you what you are looking for and then it surprises you by providing things/spaces/places that you never even knew to ask about."

EGR, Greetings From Perfect City

EGRartbyLannyBolger.jpg"Greetings From Perfect City", EGR

"My work challenges perceptions of public art and women in society, portraying their power in nature and the city. With spray paint and traditional brushwork, my work depicts archetypes and old souls within fantastical settings."

Peter Chan, Together We Build Explore A Future

peterchanart.jpg"Together, We Explore A Future", Peter Chan

"To me, 'the perfect city' involves balance and harmony. I want to depict figures in our current landscape, figures that work in harmony with the surroundings. After all, we need our landscapes, and our landscape needs us."

Michelle Doerner, Ice Time

MichelleDoernerArt_copy.jpg"Ice Time", Michelle Doerner

"The perfect city is a place that marries the culture of its inhabitants with the natural beauty of the area. It is a place that honours good design and provides the perfect backdrop for a healthy lifestyle."

Claudio Ghirardo, People: The Heat of the City

ClaudioGhirardo.jpg"People: The Heat Of The City", Claudio Ghirardo

"I am interested in people: particularly their bodies, characteristics, their gestures and movements. Neo-Humanism allows me to explore that side of humanity and the human figure."

Lizzie Gosse-Steinberg, It's Your Citty Markham

lizziegosse.jpg"It's Your City Markham", Lizzie Gosse-Steinberg

"I strive to make the visual arts fun and accessible to everyone, most recently creating interactive community art projects. Walking through art galleries in Europe I was influenced by the interactive installations and had a strong desire to apply them to paintings."

Rana Hasan, A Perfect City Leads to a Perfect World

RanaShababZehra_copy.jpg"A Perfect City Leads To A Perfect World", Rana Hasan

"A perfect city is a peaceful, environmentally friendly and joyful place where all cultures could see their reflections yet it maintains its uniqueness. People live in harmony and enjoy life with all facilities in the simplest form. It is the place where children learn how to live and support a caring and healthy environment."

Florin Hategan, Sleepless City

florinhategan.jpg"Sleepless City", Florin Hategan

Florin Hategan is an artist and print maker whose career has included many shows throughout North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle and Far East. Some of his work is included in many prestigious public and private collections throughout the world. Through his work, Florin invites viewers to engage in a dialogue or polemical discourse upon the subject of patterns and structures of megacities.

Frankie Ip, Grounding

FrankieIp_headshot.jpg"Grounding", Frankie Ip

"My surrealistic composition of urban icons and human activities represents physical and emotional well-being within a community. Artistic expression and selective perspective reinforce the promising future through the thriving tree."

Nicole Little, Markham: Civic Pride

nicolelittle.jpg"Markham: Civic Pride", Nicole Little

"The perfect city is a city of people, going about their lives, free to express themselves in speech, attitude and attire. The perfect city is a city of 320,000 portraits waiting to be painted."

Olga Pankova, Perfectus

olgapankova.jpg"Perfectus", Olga Pankova

"I am combining the heritage of our communities, with the new vision of the Remington buildings, as the perfect platform for our future, our children."

Susan Qu, Irregular Space III

SusanQu.jpg"Irregular Space III", Susan Qu

"When I was on the train recently, I wondered if I was taking the train home, or was the train taking me? As an artist, my only job is to experience life, dwell in it, and express it."

Grace Shan, A Break From The Ruins

graceshan.jpg"A Break From The Ruins", Grace Shan

"Art is my entrance into a new world. It brings me into a place where faults do not exist, hence the 'perfect city' that I tell myself I can paint. For that very same reason, art is also my escape."

Sean Andre Thomas, The Great Streetscape

seanandrethomas.jpg"The Great Streetscape", Sean Andre Thomas

"I believe art has the ability to inspire and motivate people. The best part of creating is learning as you go along, discovering new images, shapes, concepts you would never have thought were possible."

Danilo Ursini, Downtown Markham Comic

daniloursini.jpg"Downtown Markham Comic", Danilo Ursini

"Before this contest, I was already developing this concept ... a large canvas, black and white, futuristic."

Julita Wolanski, The Best Day Ever

julitawolanska.jpg"The Best Day Ever", Julita Wolanska

"I believe art should be present in  public spaces, on every empty wall, outdoors, indoors. I am working on that already! Art enriches my life and i would like to share it with others!"

Nancy Zhang, Playground

nancyzhang.jpg"Playground", Nancy Zhang

"My perfect city is like a playground. It's fantastical yet still stays in the realm of reality. Like a map, each section is interconnected through tunnels, bridges and tubes. Overall I want to make it fun!"

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