DOWNTOWN MARKHAM is so much more than homes, offices, shops and dining.  It is an urban destination, with art at the heart of it all.  Imagine your favourite museum transported outdoors; breathtaking sculptures on street corners, thought provoking art built right into the facades of buildings; even your very own art historian guiding you through it all.

DOWNTOWN MARKHAM is about creating memorable experiences. Enjoy the thrill of your first carousel ride, falling in love in our art park or rekindlng a romance while dining al fresco. DOWNTOWN MARKHAM is the PLACE TO BE INSPIRED.

  • Carousel_-_LR-1.jpgCarousel: DOWNTOWN MARKHAM is proud to present the Pride of Canada Carousel, a one-of-a-kind merry go round with 44 rideable sculptures by artist Patrick Amiot. The carousel is housed in a beautiful glass structure that will allow visitors to celebrate Canada’s changing seasons.
  • children-sculpture-park.jpgRemington Contemporary Art Gallery: Experience art throughtout DOWNTOWN MARKHAM with the Remington Contemporary Art Collection. Sculptures in building lobbies, an exhibit in the parking garage, a sculpture integrated into a building -- it's all part of a $25-million public art program.
  • art-wall_sm.jpgStreet Art Wall: Featuring the work of talented street artists, the art wall will feature new artists throughout the years offering creative perspectives of social issues, current affairs and thought provoking topics in the form of bright, expressive, graffiti art.
  • cineplex_sm.jpgTheatres: Taking the movie-going experience back to the days of decadence, the 62,000 sq. ft. 13-screen Cineplex Cinemas features ULTRA AVX theatres as well as VIP theatres with licensed seat service for the 19+ crowd. 
  • dining_sm.jpgShopping + Dining: DOWNTOWN MARKHAM is at the heart of the Greater Toronto Area and home to some of the best shopping and dining in the city.  Take a break from luxury and trendy shopping with a stop at one of DOWNTOWN MARKHAM many cafés and restaurants.
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